Al Unser Racing


Al Unser Jr.’s Turbo Racing is a Nintendo Entertainment System video game by Data East. It is mostly based off the 1988 Formula One season, although the schedule has been significantly altered. Although it stars famous racecar driver Al Unser Jr., he was a CART driver and never competed in Formula One.

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The player either chooses exhibition mode or season mode. In season mode, the player will choose his or her name and car color. Al Unser Jr is a pre-created name and car color. The player will then qualify for the first race, one lap per session. After the qualifying results are displayed, the player can either pratcice, receive advice, or race. The player can choose from three different BGMs. Each race lasts ten laps.

The cars are equipped with a boost system similar to KERS today. The player receives a fuel warning if the turbo is depleted, during which it is necessary that he or she pit for a refuel. Tires can also be changed if one is blown. Engine problems can also be repaired in the pits.

Although the box art depicts Unser’s vehicle as being sponsored by Valvoline motor oil, no product placement appears in-game.

Pit stops do not affect the driver’s position due to the race’s short length.