Film Review: Maggie (2015)

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I Saw This Film, At The Tribeca Film Festival. And I must Say, It’s Not Your Typically Zombie Apocalypse Film. “Arnold Schwarzenegger” Plays (Wade). A Man In Search Of His Daughter Maggie, Played By (Abigail Breslin), During a Zombie Outbreak in a Remote Location In the Midwest. Finally, After Reuniting With His Daughter after 2 weeks That She’s Been gone missing ?? He comes To Terms, That His Daughter Was bitten by one of the undead. And can’t come to grips with himself on the situation, He must Encounter. “Schwarzenegger” Gives A Good Performance as” The Loving Caring Father” but Ultimately, The Film Falls Short of delivering The Kind of Zombie Film, Fans Might Expect with The Action Star in The helms. With A running Time Of 1hr 35min, This Film Felt more Like 2 hrs plus!! Which Had Me At Times Bored and Almost Asleep, With Its Pacing and Melo Dramatic score. For Those Expecting Action, and Flesh Eating Zombie’s, Forget It, Cause you will get none of that. What you will get is a Melo dramatic snails pace suspense film. I will give The Director (Henry Hobson) Credit for Trying something new in the zombie genre. In My Opinion It Had a “Terrrace Malick” Type film feel to it. Like The Tree Of Life for Example. But, Its better off being a 1 hour episode of “The Walking Dead’, than a full length feature film. It will work better if it Did.




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