Film Review: Avenging Force (1986)

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Micheal Dudikoff (American Ninja), Steve James (American Ninja.. The Exterminator), Star In This Politically Action Driven Revenge Film. Sequel To “Invasion U.S.A” Starring Chuck Norris. Although, Not a Direct sequel ‘But more of a character driven one. This Time Dudikoff Plays Matt Hunter, (Taking over The Role for Chuck Norris). A former Retired Secret Service Agent, Who Comes To The Aid Of His Friend Larry Richards Played By, (Steve James). Larry is in The Running for The U.S Senate. After, Receiving Multiple Death Threats From A Right Wing Extreme Organization Called,” The Pentangle”. Larry and His Family Are Then Ambushed, And Targeted by Some members of the organization. While, Campaigning During The Mardi Gras Festivities’ In New Orleans. Larry’s Son, Then Becomes The Victim of The Violence, That erupts, During The Attempted assassination of his father, on a Parade float. Then After, the Attempted assassination fails.The Family is Then Relocated to a remote location for there safety From, “The Pentangle” . Once There, The Pentangle, Find out about there whereabouts. They Later on Kill Larry, And His Family at this location. So, Its Up To Matt to Confront the pentangle, and avenge his friends Murder, and put an end to this Murderous Organization!!! Fun, Great Actioner From Director, Sam Fristenberg (Revenge of the Ninja.. American Ninja 1 and 2 ) Highly Recommended !!! Especially, if you love those Martial Art Cannon Films From The 80’s. This Must Be Put On Top Of Your Must See Flicks!!!! Highly Rewatchable, as well!!!




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